Authentic tastes for you

Since 1689.Please enjoy tastes of Honke Yatsuhashi,Handed down for around 320 years in Kyoto.


It began in 1689.
The beginning is that our ancestor Nishimura Hikozaemon recalled a refined life of Ariwarano Narihira in “Ise Monogatari” (Tales of Ise) and made sweets shaped eight bridges in the story. Yatsuhashi was born from Japanese refined mind.
Over 320 years Honke Yatsuhashi has inherited manufactures and sales of Yatsuhashi here in Kyoto. Through the ages we have the honor of being royal warrant holder and received some prize at exhibitions, we have grown as a long-established confectionary represented Japan.
We still keep seeking authentic tastes by using methods from the old days and carefully selected food. Please enjoy our sweets made carefully one by one.


Enjoy tastes of Kyoto Confectionary Honke Yatsuhashi loved for a long time.


These crackers are made by traditional methods from the old days. We made them with its inherent sweetness by adding caster sugar and Wasanbon (refined sugar) to rice flour made of 100% domestically produced non-glutinous rice. You can enjoy firm texture with this cracker dough.

  • Honke Yatsuhashi

    Honke Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon flavor

  • Matcha Yatsuhashi

    Matcha Yatsuhashi

    green tea flavor

  • Suyaki Yatsuhashi

    Suyaki Yatsuhashi

    soybean flour flavor

  • Koromokake Yatsuhashi

    Koromokake Yatsuhashi


Unbaked Yatsuhashi

Unbaked Yathuhashi is thin-sliced rice cake made by traditional methods from the old days. We made them with its inherent sweetness by adding caster sugar and Wasanbon (refined sugar) to rice flour made of 100% domestically produced non-glutinous rice. Enjoy soft chewy texture with its inherent taste like cinnamon and green tea.

  • Honke Nama Yatsuhashi

    Honke Nama Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon flavor

  • Matcha Nama Yatsuhashi

    Matcha Nama Yatsuhashi

    green tea flavor

Bean paste Yatsuhashi

They are standard sweets loved for a long time. Bean paste made of carefully selected Azuki beans from Hokkaido is wrapped in soft chewy unbaked Yatsuhashi.
Find your favorite flavor from various kinds of bean paste.

  • An Yatsuhashi

    An Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon dough, bean paste

  • Ujibashi


    green tea dough, bean paste

  • Koshian Yatsuhashi

    Koshian Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon & green tea dough,
    smooth bean paste

  • Ichigoan Yatsuhashi

    Ichigoan Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon dough,
    strawberry bean paste

  • Kurogoma Yatsuhashi

    Kurogoma Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon dough,
    sesame bean paste

  • Choco Nama Yatsuhashi

    Choco Nama Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon dough,
    chocolate bean paste

  • Matcha Choco Yatsuhashi

    Matcha Choco Yatsuhashi

    green tea dough,
    chocolate bean paste

  • Kurian Yatsuhashi

    Kurian Yatsuhashi

    cinnamon dough,
    whole chestnut with bean paste

  • Kuri Ujibashi

    Kuri Ujibashi

    green tea dough,
    whole chestnut with bean paste

  • Yokan (sweet bean jelly)

    We have six tastes of Yokan
    – two kinds of cinnamon, green tea, yuzu (Japanese citron),
    chestnut and brown sugar.
    Since in two kinds of cinnamon we use cinnamon powder
    in brown Yokan and cinnamon oil in white Yokan,
    cinnamon flavor is spread in your mouth.

    Yokan (sweet bean jelly)

  • Dango (sweet dumpling)

    We made Dango with two kinds of Yatsuhashi’s dough,
    cinnamon and green tea. Its texture is really chewy.



  • Main Shop

    Main Shop

    Main Shop

    2 Nishinokyokobori-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto



  • Arashiyama Shop

    Arashiyama Shop

    Arashiyama Shop

    37 Sagatenryuji tsukurimichi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto



  • Ginkakuji Shop

    Ginkakuji Shop

    Ginkakuji Shop

    15 Ginkakujimae-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto



  • Shinkyogoku Shop

    Shinkyogoku Shop

    Shinkyogoku Shop

    450 Shinkyogoku rokkakusakurano-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto



  • Kiyomizuminami Shop

    Kiyomizuminami Shop

    Kiyomizuminami Shop

    6-510-7 Gojyobashihigashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto



  • Yasaka Shop

    Yasaka Shop

    Yasaka Shop

    76 Tamamizu-cho, 2 Hiromichi-dori Matsubara-agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto



  • Inarihigashi Shop

    Inarihigashi Shop

    Inarihigashi Shop

    2 Fukakusakaido-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto


    ※Open at night from December 31 to January 1.

※All shops are open daily except otherwise noticed.
※Business hours vary depending on the season.